Muslim does not worship black box ( Ka’bah ) but we worship the AlMighty God the one and only God which is Allah. Ka’bah is just a direction for muslim to pray. It shows the symbol of our unity and synchronised. If muslim were worshipping Ka’bah, they will not step on the picture of Ka’bah that is on the praying mat. Sahih International So from wherever you go out [for prayer, O Muhammad] turn your face toward al- Masjid al-Haram, and indeed, it is the truth from your Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what you do. ( 2:149 ) Does one need to change their name after becoming a muslim ? A lot of people which includes muslim and non-muslim will normally ask someone who revert to Islam about their Islamic name. Islamic Name What is Islamic name? Islamic name is a name which contains good meaning and doesn’t have the meaning which put partner with Allah (mensyirikkan Allah). It does not matter whether it is a Chinese name, Indian name, Japanese name, Korean name and so on as long as it contains GOOD MEANING.

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Does muslim worship Ka’bah?