Multiracial Reverted Muslims (MRM) was founded by brother Firdaus Wong Wai Hung as a platform for da’wah (meaning “invitation” in Arabic) to the not-yet-Muslim communities as well as to enable reverts to interact, share ideas, and to find support on Facebook. Thus, MRM’s Facebook page was established in 2010.
In its early days, MRM was merely a virtual vessel but everything changed with the first-ever meeting inaugurated at MACMA centre of Ipoh branch in early 2011.

Today, MRM has reached more than 41,000 Likes’ (as at 4.25pm 24th April 2014) and is involved in various da’wah, community and welfare activities, regardless organised by MRM or external parties. This is because, as Muslims, our ultimate goal is to serve Allah. Therefore, any NGOs, including MRM itself, are nothing more than just platforms and tools to achieve this important objective.

The Multiracial Reverted Muslims (MRM) Approach
The approach employed by Multiracial Reverted Muslims is to equip our members and volunteers with Islamic knowledge in order to convey the message of Islam to the communities. Apart from that, our members are also sent for courses or seminars to increase their knowledge in order to facilitate their da’wah skills & efforts. MRM is not an NGO that competes with other Islamic NGOs but was instead established to complement them. In addition, MRM strives to increase the effectiveness of da’wah efforts by exploring new methods to break da’wah barriers and obstacles, to enable the message of Islam to reach various levels of the communities.|

At MRM, we also strive to create a concept of bringing the mosque out to the community, as many Islamic programmes are currently conducted in the mosque whereas many of the supposedly-targeted crowds are in fact outside the mosque. We need to strike a balance between programmes in and outside the mosque in order to maximize its reach.

In addition, MRM is also involved in guiding reverts and other Muslims who thirst for knowledge. We have also created the ‘muakhat‘ system which is modeled after the ‘muakhat‘ events namely the brotherhood established by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) between the Muhajirin & Ansar companions in Madinah. As Allah (may He be glorified and exalted) has commanded:

“The believers are but brothers…”
Quran 49:10

For more information about our background and activities, kindly refer to our profile brochure.

Jazakumullah khairan and may peace be upon you,

The Management & Team