The man who revolutionized barbaric tribalism into one of the most envied civilization in the world.

The Recitations that terrorized the darkness in humanity.

The leader who forgave all enemies despite their decades of persecutions.

The Message that frees the slaves of hearts, and empowers the weak.

Finally, the most awaited yearly event in the middle of the month of Ramadhan is back!!!

Peak Of Faith 2015 : Dawn of Humanity, Roadmap to Eternity. Featuring Sheikh Sajid Ahmed Umar from AlKauthar Institute and Brother Wael Ibrahim from Serving Islam Team of Hong Kong. Together, they unveil the wisdom and insight of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the undisputed Guidance in Qur’an, and how these impacted the world. Plus, what Quran and Sunnah can offer to today’s world that is in dire need to compassion and justice.

Not-yet-Muslim families and friends are most welcome to this event! Let’s get to know the greatest man ever to walk on the face on this Earth, and the Final Guidance he brought, from the Creator of you and me, Allah.

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