GEORGE TOWN, MARCH 3, 2015Penang Putera MIC Chief N.G. Senthelnathan has urged Multiracial Reverted Muslims (MRM) to stop distributing the Quran to non-Muslims as it may lead to unrest in the country.

The call comes despite MRM’s denial last week that it had done such a thing.

In a press release today, Senthelnathan asked if Hindus could start distributing the Bhagavad Gita and Christians the Bible to all Malaysians, including Muslims who were confused about the teachings of Hinduism and Christianity?

He went on to add that despite the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim)’s claims that the distribution of free Qurans was not intended to convert non-Muslims, it still created a negative perception among non-Muslims.

“The Quran distribution should only be done in mosques or surau where only Muslims go to pray, not outside.

“It is good enough for Muslims to understand about Islam, not other religions,” he said.

He pointed out that there had been enough conflicts, arguments and issues with regard to race and religion lately in Malaysia.

He cited the issues of religious conversion after marriage and child custody, the use of the word “Allah” and demolition of temples as examples.

Senthelnathan urged for fundamental issues to be resolved first so that respect and understanding among followers of various religions could be enhanced in other ways, not by distributing copies of the Quran

“I hope MRM will respect the sensitivity of non-Muslims and stop distributing the Quran to them as it is may lead to unrest in the country.”

Original Source : The Rakyat Post